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International dermatology aesthetic surgery summit

20 March 2021 Dublin, Ireland

New Concepts in Fillers & Threads:
A Three-Dimensional, Combined Approach to Facial Restoration

20th of March 2021 Webinar Agenda

Welcome remarks

Fergus Gallagher, Head of RELIFE Aesthetics Ireland

The “5R” approach

Steven Kusmanto, RELIFE Global Marketing Director

DefinisseTM Peel Program

Anatomical insight: Resurface to optimize your treatment: Definisse Peel Programme synergistical effect

Pre-Recorded Demo: Before & After: Definisse peel

Anna Gunning

Discussion and Q&A

Multi-modality approach in inhibiting Melanogenesis: Introducing the concept of Resurface, Retone and Reboost.

Dr. Vincent Wong

DefinisseTM Filler Range

Anatomical insight, tips and tricks: lips and perioral area

Pre-Recorded Demo: Lips and perioral restoration with Definisse touch filler

Dr. Sean Fitzpatrick

Discussion and Q&A

Anatomical insight, tips and tricks: midface

Pre-Recorded Demo: Zygomatic-malar restoration with Definisse core and restore filler

Dr. Mukesh Lalloo

Discussion and Q&A

Anatomical insight, tips and tricks:Periorbital & Tear trough area

Dr. Janice Brady

Pre-Recorded Demo: Periorbital & tear trough restoration with DefinisseTM Restore & Touch filler

Dr. Giovanni Salti with voice over from Dr. Janice Brady

Discussion and Q&A

DefinisseTM Threads & Filler Combination Treatment

Anatomical insight: How to combine filler and threads for a complete facial redefinition

Pre-Recorded Demo: Combination treatment Definisse Threads & Definisse Filler

Dr. Colin Riordan

Discussion, Q&A and closure

Closing Remarks

Fergus Gallagher